Providing clarity & positive coaching solutions to professionals & organisations

bird_green-300x254Life Matters Coaching Ltd is based in Nottingham and offers positivity and clarity through coaching. We support the development of individuals and organisations throughout the East Midlands.

We work with organisations who are looking to develop their brightest and best and who view coaching as a powerful development tool. Coaching demonstrates you value your staff, and empowers them to make great decisions at work and in their own lives.

“Coaching helps individuals and organisations to develop more rapidly and produce more satisfying results” – International Coaching Federation

At Life Matters we collaborate with individuals to develop and achieve goals in their work and personal lives. This leads to increased satisfaction, well-being and productivity. Coaching offers ‘me time’ to explore life’s challenges, bringing about change in a client’s current and future behaviour. We achieve this by providing focus and awareness in our interactions between coach and client.

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