What our clients say about us:

“Louise is a great listener with a sense of humour and fun that immediately puts you at ease. Her ability to reflect back a situation in clear, unbiased terms, gives clarity and perspective on otherwise confusing emotions.  I can whole heartedly recommend Louise’s services.” Yvonne, Health & Wellbeing Consultant

“Louise was fantastic and the coaching sessions have made a significant difference to my confidence and self-esteem in and out of the work place. I found Louise to be a skilled active listener. Louise was able to pitch the sessions and questions she asked to meet my needs in very informal, relaxed and un threatening coaching sessions. The sessions were fun and engaging and the skills we adapted and developed will stay with me throughout my working life.” Carli, Nottm Womens Centre

“Louise was of great support to me, offering assurance, building my confidence and helping me unravel what was happening for me in my professional life.  As a relatively inexperienced manager, the time I spent with Louise was invaluable, as was her patience.  I instantly felt comfortable and able to confide in her, sharing issues and being helped to focus on solutions.  Louise brought a range of strategies and techniques as well as a great coaching style. Huge thanks.” Alex, Culture & Engagement Manager

“I’ve really looked forward to our sessions and have always come away feeling much better about the challenges I face and the gifts I have to face them.”  Ameet, Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner 

“Louise expertly guided us through a process of identifying our successes and values, both professionally and personally. She made the process easy and enjoyable when it could have been plagued by silence and disagreements. I would recommend her services to any business who needs facilitation in any process.”  Dr P Law, GP Partner

‘’I can’t tell you how much my self-belief and drive has been ignited by your coaching, thank you so much!!”  E Self, Head of Professional Standards, NHS CityCare

“Louise has undertaken a suite of coaching for employee’s of Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, commissioned by the Deputy Associate Director of Learning and Development. The feedback from staff colleagues is that she is trustworthy, respectful and able to safely coach others to a place of self exploration and development. As such I would recommend her as a coach and commend her abilities.” Julian Eve – Deputy Associate Director of Learning and Development

“Louise is a gentle but challenging, supportive coach. She uses her business experience, her passion for developing people and her coaching skills in service of her clients.” Lisa, Managing Director

“I found my experience with Louise beneficial in my personal growth towards my business. She was extremely encouraging and gave me a sound knowledge of aspects within my business. She has helped me to stay focused and use my time more effectively (juggling family life and work). Her enthusiasm towards my products has made me more confident and strengthened my outlook of my venture.”  Rosie Antunes – DMU Graduate Start-up 

“I have found Louise to be entirely trustworthy and discreet in her practice and the strategies she has encouraged me to develop have made a significant difference to my career development.” Bill, General Manager – Park House Health & Social Care Centre, NHS

“I would just like to thank you for the whole ‘coaching’ experience.  This is the first time I have undertaken ‘coaching’ and I wasn’t sure what to expect and on reflection it has been invaluable.  I felt confident to share leadership and management experiences with you and you respectfully challenged my thoughts and the way I had responded to some situations.   You gave me some excellent ‘tools’ to add to my toolkit.  As a result I feel I have matured in my views towards leadership and going forward I know the type of leader I aspire to be.”  Sherrel, General Manager Family & Child Health, NHS


Louise has coached professionals in several sectors, from the NHS, manufacturing, government agencies and media. She is currently working with clients from the NHS, the FMCG sector and charities.