We offer coaching that is bespoke and tailored to each individual or organisation, resulting in cost-effective solutions specific to agreed and stated needs.

Today, coaching is widespread in both personal and organisational environments. The UK’s Chartered Institute of Personnel Management reports that 51% of companies ‘consider coaching as a key part of learning development’ and ‘crucial to their strategy’, with 90% reporting that they ‘use coaching’.

Coaching with Life Matters is undertaken in a supportive environment, offering clients the chance to aspire to new and greater heights. Sessions can cover a range of themes. including:

As a client of Life Matters Coaching Ltd you will benefit from the opportunity and environment to think and find insight. You’ll create your own expert strategies to move forward, develop yourself and improve your desired outcomes in your business and personal life. Past clients comment how useful, refreshing and purposeful their coaching sessions were:

“Louise also had a fantastic way of listening; I found the sessions to be thought-provoking and fun. I felt fresh, free and she always left me with an open mind. I would fully recommend her coaching.” – Natalie, Restaurant Manager

Business owners also benefit from their coach as a ‘professional prompter’ – someone who works with them on their goals or specific projects from start to finish. This enables them to ensure their aspirations are achieved in line with their vision and time scale. A professional coach can be a business owners secret weapon, giving them an edge in moving their company to the next level.

‘What Louise did do was make me see things from a different perspective and I left my first session with a number of actions and a real sense of purpose.’ – Ali, Magazine Editor

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