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News – July 2014

I’ve now started working with Ben & Rosie – 2 graduate enterprenuers from De Montford University who are starting on the first steps towards building their own business within a robust support programme which includes coaching & mentoring from Life Matters Coaching Ltd #nextgen!

I’m very proud to have an article published this month, too! Click here for more details on The Art of Listening (once you’re on the page, scroll down to Featured Articles).

Dragon’s Den(style) – a couple of years ago I was lucky enough to be the Nottingham Group Leader on the Govt National Citizen Scheme (NCS) leading 44 young people through a transformational summer programme during July & Aug 2012. This summer’s programme in Nottingham is being led by New College Nottingham (NCN) – & I’ve been asked to be a judge in the final presentation of the young people’s social action project – v excited to be part of this great initiative again

More updates soon – keep in touch!

Effective Job Hunting

There are many resources, tools, networks, pieces of advice and experts that you can call upon to help your search for & securing a new career role. All have their merits, uses and place within the process, but ultimately a person’s mind-set and attitude will also contribute to the success of any career campaign. This is where working with a good coach can really springboard you onto success.

Working with a coach can support the ‘marketing of you’ – as a person seeking a new role you need to adopt a ‘marketing specialist’ role and imitate the same process as a successful marketing campaign.

Being the Marketing Specialist of You:

  1. Know the Product – YOU
    • What are your work values, goals, interests & skills…?
    • What are your strengths and weaknesses..?
    • What is the ideal future scenario…?
  1. Develop good ‘sales tools’: CV – Covering Letter – LinkedIn Profile
    • Use the internet to research good templates to help guide you
    • Read profiles of people already working in your chosen industry, what key words do they use, what’s their past experience, what skills do they promote? What’s their USP?
  1. Identify your market
    • Explore career options
    • What are the current trends in the market-place
    • Check out potential company cultures & future directions (that are suited to you)
  1. Perfect Successful Job Search Strategies
    • What can your referral network provide..? Ask for help – a surprising amount of people will gladly offer their time/insight etc
    • Make direct contact with the company – make yourself known
    • Use the internet for extensive & relevant research
    • Get your CV out there – on platforms for it to be found
    • Use 3rd party agencies to search on your behalf
    • Commit dedicated time & effort to it – getting a job is a full-time job, develop a new routine, think differently & reward yourself to maintain momentum
    • Be creative!!!

Use a coach to identify your key skills, experience & expertise

A coach can also help you in other ways, such as:

  • Developing & maintaining a high-level of (legitimate) self-confidence
  • Practising your script – practise interview techniques; answering tricky questions; tailoring your CV & covering letter each time; get it wrong & then get it RIGHT
  • Help you to focus on the end prize

Reflect to Move Forward

As the end of 2013 draws ever closer, our thoughts turn to past resolutions, possibly unfulfilled aspirations, a new challenge for the new year or perhaps the on-going quest for the perfect gift or perfect party outfit.

Often in the rush to get to Christmas and then onto welcoming in the New Year we forget to look back on what we’ve achieved over the past few months. Consolidating on what we’ve done, new experiences we’ve had, new memories created and challenges overcome gives us the chance to spring forward with renewed vigour, commitment and enthusiasm for the coming months. When working with clients, reflection in many forms is a great way of getting the brain stimulated with positive energy and offers great learning points, too. Reflection can be used in career coaching when looking at your career journey, its highs and the skills you have gained along the way. It can also be used by individuals who are looking to bolster their self-esteem and find their ‘happy point’. It’s also a great team building exercise as it requires effort from each member and offers an insight into how each team member values the team and their own role in it.

The linked document is a simple start for a team reflection exercise – it can be modified to suit of course – try it with your team, big or small before the end of the year is out and see what inspiration and celebration you gain from it!

Team Reflection Exercise

Add Value to Stand Out From the Crowd

Everyone talks about adding value to everything you do, be it in your business or your personal life….but what exactly does this mean? Does it mean you give away ‘free’ stuff? Does it mean doing more for less payment in return? Or could it mean giving away something of you in all your transactions – a bit of your passion, your creativity, your aspirations?

Now, I don’t want to make that sound scary…like you are giving bits of you away and you are disappearing before your very eyes. More like, everything you do you add your personal values & passions to it – producing a wonderful combination of your talents, your energy and your know-how into each transaction you make with people around you. Now does that sound appealing or just plain hard-work?!?! To be honest, that could just depend on what kind of a day you’re having today! But I wonder if you could challenge yourself to give a little more ‘oomph’, a little more energy, and a little more creativity to your connections for a day and see what value you bring to the party.

How? In practical terms, this relies on us as business owners and professionals to add value by believing in what we are doing, having faith that what we are undertaking is worth doing, and that it matters both to us and to our potential clients. Without this belief, this commitment, this extra something – added value – then we are liable to simply replicate the general everyday products and services that are already out there.

Some successful people see adding value as adding their signature onto their creations – seeking to give people not just what they need but what they clamour for, what they get excited about, and ultimately what they’ll pay for. This was typically personified by Steve Jobs at Apple who made tablets the buzz item of the last few years…but Apple weren’t the first to produce tablets, yet their product is the by-word for cool tablets currently. So what does Apple do differently? They produce what they want to see, what they get excited about, they add in Apple company ‘values’ – creativity, design-led, aspirational themes and quality high-end products…values I quite like to be associated with…what about you?

Contact Life Matters Coaching if you want to gain clarity on your values and purpose in your work or personal life. Coaching is an effective way of identifying your vision and aspirations and it can support you on your route to add value every day to your own life.

Using a Business Coach as a Mirror to Develop Your Business

Using a coach & a mirror in your business

One way of viewing coaching is that as a coach I hold up a mirror against the client & their world is reflected back for them to see it in a fresh new way….& this often allows them to tackle issues, they see development areas themselves, or they see a goal or aspiration from a new perspective. It allows the client to pause, & see all the good stuff that’s going on in their life or business, too – coaching celebrates, too.

If we continue using coaching as a mirror analogy, we all need to use a mirror in our lives every day

  • Mirrors reflect our current ‘look or state’ & help us make adjustments if necessary, ie: apply some make-up, or wipe the latte mustache away
  • We use mirrors for safety when driving – it gives us a heads up, information on which to base our next move or action
  • We use mirrors in astronomy – magnifying & focusing in our search for the stars – the next new discovery

So, what’s so great about coaching for business?

The CIPD Learning & Talent Management Report 2013 states that the next 2 years will bring: ‘….greater integration between coaching, organisational development & performance management’

It’s a simple fact that coaching as part of an organisation’s overall strategy for success is key & will continue to be. In fact, 39% of organisations surveyed for the report ‘..believe that coaching is their most effective talent management activity.’

And yet, 48% of these companies also reported a skills gap in their organisation for coaching/mentoring & development of staff. A role for the external coach perhaps…?

Why should you invest in coaching…?

Interestingly, when talking about talent management, ‘88% of small organisations (fewer than 50 employees) were most likely to report their talent management activities as effective compared with large organisations ’ – showing that big budgets and complex leadership development programmes aren’t necessary to have a positive impact on your business. It’s the simple human interaction from coaching & mentoring that is powerful.

Coaching your employees demonstrates that:

@ You value your staff
@ You are committed to a successful future
@ It also offers you another change and transformation tool

Finally, Coaching can help your organisation to develop more rapidly and produce more satisfying results.


So what’s so great about Life Matters Coaching?

You get an effective, bespoke, quality coaching solution that benefits your organisation.  But don’t just take my word for it, here’s some defined statistics from satisfied customers:

Satisfaction with life increased an average: 23%
Satisfaction in career increased an average: 20%
Feelings of being overwhelmed/stress decreased an average: 53%


I hope you agree these are some great improvements from a simple yet effective intervention – who wouldn’t want to see this in their own business or personal life..?