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​Career transition support/coaching during redundancy programmes


Providing support that makes a real difference

Making staff redundant is never an easy thing to do and if you don’t have the budget to work with a specialist company to implement an outplacement programme, it’s even harder to complete the process without tensions running high and negative associations for everyone involved.

For employees who have been with the organisation for a long time, they may well feel totally lost and have no idea where to start in looking for their next role.

Boost confidence about the future for all involved

Your staff need a cheerleader at this point to pick them up and boost their confidence about the future. Coaching is a cost-effective alternative to providing staff with a generic online CV and when paired with job search training, they will be well equipped to move on to their next position.

Just a few hours talking with someone about their ideal job, completing a skills audit and discussing next steps can help them to feel ready to face the challenge with positivity. Staff feel grateful that their organisation has invested in this handover to look after them on the next phase of their career. They are empowered to make a career change.

How career transition coaching works

Purchase a block of career coaching hours and distribute them amongst staff as needed. For some people, an hour to vent their frustrations to a neutral party is as effective as a 3-hour career planning session. There is gratitude in being offered the opportunity to be heard.

Coaching will give them staff the support they need to take the next steps and they are not left to flounder alone when dealing with practical issues of looking for a new role.

The knock-on effect of this support is a more positive conclusion to the process and less angst and negativity radiating throughout your company.

Benefits of career transition coaching

Individuals are offered an opportunity to voice their concerns and turn that negative experience into a positive opportunity for change through a strengths audit which will highlight the wonderful qualities they have to offer.

  • A practical CV review equips leavers to generate opportunities.
  • Staff feel buoyed and ready to take action with a positive mindset.
  • The door is open for staff to return if needed further down the road.
  • Remaining staff feel secure that there is a plan and support on offer.
  • Fewer remaining staff seek employment elsewhere.
  • Builds a good reputation for prospective employees of the future.