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Nothing could have prepared us for the last 18 months. Living through unprecedented times has meant many struggled with feelings, emotions, and purpose due to the upheaval and change of the circumstances they unexpectedly found themselves in

While events proved to be a tipping point for some, with more people than ever seeking support, for others it had a positive impact as they thrived in their new way of life.

As humans, we deal with things differently. While some ploughed themselves into the community spirit and helped those in need, others questioned and reassessed their current life choices and the impact on their future. Perhaps you did both? The likelihood is we all came out of it with questions. But what now?

Looking deep into our existence is not something many do unless faced with serious illness, but the pandemic gave us time to reflect and question what it is which is important to us and whether we are genuinely living the life we want to lead.

It is unlikely that anyone came away completely unchanged in either their lifestyle or their thinking, but if the whole situation has left you feeling a little bit lost, take comfort in knowing you’re not alone.

Maybe you don’t want to go back to your old life? Perhaps you found your passion doing things a different way and this has actually made you reassess your priorities, or made you feel you’ve been working for materialistic things rather than doing what your soul actually enjoys.  You might have discovered new loves and interests during lockdown that you want to carry on with but don’t know where they fit into this new post-covid world.

This is where a qualified coach can help you. Values based coaching not only provides clarity in a time of uncertainty, but can guide you to identify and focus on what is important to you.  Using proven strategies we can construct a goal-based plan to help you find your unique purpose and start to live the life you desire.

Now is actually a really good time for people to work on their personal development and drop their “Shoulds”  For example, ‘This is what I should be doing” or “This is where I should be in life”.  It is a good time to let go of everything we think we ‘should’ be and instead think “What do I want to be doing?”, “What really makes my heart sing?”. Because of pre-conditioned ideas of who we think we should be, the expectations of family, work and society, many people understandably walk around with an ongoing internal conflict

I like to use the analogy that we are all born as diamonds, but through life and society we end up covered in dirt and mud, so we try to coat ourselves in nail varnish to make ourselves sparkle once more, when really we need to buff away at that outer cover and find our inner diamond – to be ourself.

Coaching conversations not only unlock feelings, they can help find your confidence and the motivation to go back to your core, let go of those limiting beliefs and live your truest life.

Get in touch today to have a coaching conversation all about you, your potential, and your aspirations.

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