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This week (Tues 23rd to be precise) saw in the Autumn Equinox – this means the day is more or less equal in terms of daylight versus night-time hours as is possible.  This is the reason it’s called an “equinox”, derived from Latin, meaning “equal night”.

When I think about being equal in our day to day life, I think of creating balance. During coaching sessions with clients, we often refer to balance – either in our work life; with our social life; or inner balance. Often clients seem to seek a ‘balance’ in their life and want to work with me to achieve this. Of course, everyone’s idea of a balanced life will be different. This is the beauty of 1:1 coaching. I don’t have a set formula that I use with every client regardless of their needs and circumstances. True 1:1 coaching centres around what the client expresses they need, what level or type of balance (perfection) they wish to achieve, and what they are prepared to do; able to give up; or stop doing and so on in order to achieve this.

Coaching enables you to pause, think and reflect on what’s going well, what could be better for you with a coach there to support a client’s processing, and thought-mapping. Ultimately the client comes up with options or strategies to enable desired change. These changes are often around work/life balance issues, diet & lifestyles themes, or maintaining harmonious relationships.

When thinking about balance for you – think about what works; what makes you feel you; what is achievable; and how you can help yourself sustain it. Try answering these questions:

1)      What does balance (at work or personally) mean to you?

2)      What are you like when you are at your balanced best?

3)      Write a list of all the things you love doing. How often do you do them? How can you do them more often?

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