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Many business, enterprise & self-improvement websites contain ‘Top Ten Tips’ type articles about establishing and maintaining great working relationships, all containing relevant sensible advice which we need from time to time. After all, we typically spend more time at work (awake) than we do at home.

We know that workplace interactions are often intense because the stakes are high, especially if you are a business owner working with very few staff, or reliant on mutual collaborative relationships.

So what can we do?

A business relationship is just like any other relationship. It requires some effort to maintain & it must be mutually beneficial. In a relationship with friends or family, we are told we must be willing to give, share & support, not just take or receive. It’s the same for working relationships, and employer/employee relationships too.

www.Inc.com quotes 6 key steps to building better business relationships:

  1. Encourage honest feedback
  2. Listen more than you talk
  3. Make a routine to connect & maintain contact
  4. Give more than you receive & be proactive in the relationship
  5. Be authentic
  6. Be ‘present’ & have face to face time where possible

Here’s a very simple exercise we can all do in just 5 minutes that takes a look at our relationships in an honest way – click here.

With awareness comes the opportunity to make a change- we have options to help us repair and improve a relationship:

To do this take some time for self-reflection and consider the following:

  • Self-appreciation
  • Understanding of the other person’s agenda / their issues / their life
  • Perspective
  • Leave the ego at the door

Finally, try using one of these 4 options to fully resolve the issue:

  1. Negotiate using your new found appreciation of the other person’s character; limits; their agenda etc
  2. Resist their impact on you as you develop your increased self-appreciation
  3. Accept the situation with a detached perspective
  4. Get Out if it cannot be turned around

Working with a neutral person such as a coach can help you to repair personal and work based relationships, and open up communication channels for smoother, more positive and productive collaborations. Make contact today for an informal chat about how coaching can benefit you or your organisation.