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We’re going back to the 90’s….

Often during times of uncertainty we go back to a ‘simpler’ time..we get a little rose tinted in our retrospective and think back to when we (we think) were happier, or more carefree, or able to socialise more freely, or enjoyed our job, had a memorable relationship maybe and so on…..

In uncertain times, it’s useful to have ‘anchors’ around us, routines and habits that keep us ‘on track’; friendships that provide unconditional support, hobbies that allow some ‘me time’ or specific pieces of music that just fill you with past emotions and feelings. One band’s music that does that for me is U2 who I saw in Paris on the ‘LoveTown’ tour in 1990. Their 1991 Album ‘Actung Baby’ included the song One, with lyrics hinting at the end of something, a change of routine, shifting priorities & maybe altering needs of individuals. Sound familiar…? 

If your retrospective glance back at simpler times to help you get through these current challenging times isn’t quite doing it for you, try reaching out to a professional who can support you and offer a chance at re-connecting with the inner you, the potential you.

I’ve re-commenced face to face session on Saturday mornings at Sage Therapy Centre in Nottingham, and of course virtual online sessions are also available at flexible times to suit you too.

Take time out to make yourself number #ONE soon & get in touch 

Have a great week