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As the end of 2013 draws ever closer, our thoughts turn to past resolutions, possibly unfulfilled aspirations, a new challenge for the new year or perhaps the on-going quest for the perfect gift or perfect party outfit.

Often in the rush to get to Christmas and then onto welcoming in the New Year we forget to look back on what we’ve achieved over the past few months. Consolidating on what we’ve done, new experiences we’ve had, new memories created and challenges overcome gives us the chance to spring forward with renewed vigour, commitment and enthusiasm for the coming months. When working with clients, reflection in many forms is a great way of getting the brain stimulated with positive energy and offers great learning points, too. Reflection can be used in career coaching when looking at your career journey, its highs and the skills you have gained along the way. It can also be used by individuals who are looking to bolster their self-esteem and find their ‘happy point’. It’s also a great team building exercise as it requires effort from each member and offers an insight into how each team member values the team and their own role in it.

The linked document is a simple start for a team reflection exercise – it can be modified to suit of course – try it with your team, big or small before the end of the year is out and see what inspiration and celebration you gain from it!

Team Reflection Exercise