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There are many resources, tools, networks, pieces of advice and experts that you can call upon to help your search for & securing a new career role. All have their merits, uses and place within the process, but ultimately a person’s mind-set and attitude will also contribute to the success of any career campaign. This is where working with a good coach can really springboard you onto success.

Working with a coach can support the ‘marketing of you’ – as a person seeking a new role you need to adopt a ‘marketing specialist’ role and imitate the same process as a successful marketing campaign.

Being the Marketing Specialist of You:

  1. Know the Product – YOU
    • What are your work values, goals, interests & skills…?
    • What are your strengths and weaknesses..?
    • What is the ideal future scenario…?
  1. Develop good ‘sales tools’: CV – Covering Letter – LinkedIn Profile
    • Use the internet to research good templates to help guide you
    • Read profiles of people already working in your chosen industry, what key words do they use, what’s their past experience, what skills do they promote? What’s their USP?
  1. Identify your market
    • Explore career options
    • What are the current trends in the market-place
    • Check out potential company cultures & future directions (that are suited to you)
  1. Perfect Successful Job Search Strategies
    • What can your referral network provide..? Ask for help – a surprising amount of people will gladly offer their time/insight etc
    • Make direct contact with the company – make yourself known
    • Use the internet for extensive & relevant research
    • Get your CV out there – on platforms for it to be found
    • Use 3rd party agencies to search on your behalf
    • Commit dedicated time & effort to it – getting a job is a full-time job, develop a new routine, think differently & reward yourself to maintain momentum
    • Be creative!!!

Use a coach to identify your key skills, experience & expertise

A coach can also help you in other ways, such as:

  • Developing & maintaining a high-level of (legitimate) self-confidence
  • Practising your script – practise interview techniques; answering tricky questions; tailoring your CV & covering letter each time; get it wrong & then get it RIGHT
  • Help you to focus on the end prize